Asia-Pacific Regional Audit

2013 Asia-Pacific Regional Audit cover
Epidemiology, costs & burden of osteoporosis in 2013

This Asia-Pacific Audit provides new and updated information about the status of osteoporosis in the region. In addition to the 14 countries in the 2009 version, it now includes Australia and New Zealand, giving more comprehensive coverage of this geographical area. What is alarmingly clear is that some of the projections made in 2009 clearly underestimated the disease burden and the situation will dramatically worsen if immediate action is not taken.

Over the past few decades, the Asia Pacific has had one of the strongest overall improvements in health and prosperity of any region in the world. However the hard-won gains threaten to be undermined by an enormous rise in musculoskeletal diseases and the looming epidemic of fragility fractures in a rapidly ageing population. It has been projected that more than 50% of fractures in the world will occur in Asia by 2050.The other worrying trends impacting on musculoskeletal health include urbanization and widespread vitamin D insufficiency.

This Audit not only underscores the care gaps and future disease burden but also presents cost-effective evidence-based solutions. It is intended as a tool to catalyze action at the national health policy level and calls on health care professionals and medical authorities to diagnose and treat osteoporosis in a timely manner.

Urgent action must be taken to avoid catastrophic socio-economic costs and to avoid the unnecessary pain, suffering and death of millions of people in the future.

The report was launched on December 12, 2013 at a press conference that coincided with the opening of the IOF Regionals 4th Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting held in Hong Kong.

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Findings Include

  • New and updated information about the status of osteoporosis in the region.
  • Projections for increasing burden up to 2050.
  • Worrying trends impacting on musculoskeletal health including urbanization and widespread vitamin D insufficiency.
  • Highlights the care gaps while offering cost-effective evidence-based solutions.
Individual Country Reports
Executive Summary &
Key Findings
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